The Battle for Warsaw

Rack and Ruin

On September 17th 2000 in the predawn the Baron Czarny launched his attack. Units swarmed into Sielce from the west over the rubble. The gunfire was constant and fierce. Then the Ukrainians attacked straight from the north-west. Right into a major strongpoint. The Ukraininans had two BTR-70’s and a T-72. Unstoppable. The T-72 clawed over some rubble and then from a hull down position fired directly on the strongpoint. Some brave Sielce Milicya defender fired back with an RPG which came very very close. Then the Chemical Blood Agent round hammered down on the strongpoint. Gas spread and panic spread ahead of the vapours. The essentially cannon fodder Serock Militia surged through the breach and were mowed down by the second line of defense. But then the entire 2nd Free Company which comprised of the Ukrainians and their armoured vehicles surged in behind them. The T-72 eventually summited the rubble wall and had unobstructed access to Sielce. It started pounding any target that offered resistance.

It was then that the Black Guard assaulted the two main strongpoints that guarded the main road that entered Sielce from the north. They were down a BMP-2 that had broken down on the advance but were still essentially unstoppable. 120mm Mortar fire and massive howitzer rounds smashed any dug in defenders to pulp. Within an hour both strongpoints were silenced and the T-80 and accompanying armour surged into Sielce. Two of the BMP-2’s were blown up by brave dug in defenders firing RPG’s from point blank range. This was not enough to stop the attackers and fighting raged fierce and freely throughout northern Sielce as the attacking forces linked up. Victory for the Baron seemed assured.


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