Sergeant Vedder

Sergeant of 1st Squad, 3rd Free Company in Warsaw.


Sergeant Vedder is a brutal man.

Description: Dark hair and dark eyes. His hair is shaggy and long and his beard growing wild. When he hair gets in the way he cuts it with a sharp bowie knife. Normally dressed in camouflage fatigues and webbing he still owns (and wears) a kevlar vest (but has no helmet).

Manner: Brutal and vicious. He stalks around the camp with purpose. He promises much to the men. He promises to take it by force. He is happy to be a minor warlord. He doesn’t hesitate to use threats or violence. He is a murderer, a rapist, and, it is rumoured, a cannibal.

Quote: “I am willing to do anything.”

Sergeant Vedder

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