Kapitan Witold Pikecki

Leader of the Elite Polish Cavalry


Kapitan Pilecki is a true leader. He is a grizzled and careful veteran of many fights. His Cavalry used to be part of a armoured column but they traded their fast moving armoured personnel carriers for horses over two years ago.

Description: 5’10, Medium build, sandy blonde hair and blue-green eyes. He wears his hair shaggy and cultivates a longer handlebar mustache, which has become a sort of badge of his unit. Although his clothing is a mixture of styles the boots are true riding boots and he keeps them well cared for.

The Kapitan is a wise man with a romantic streak. He was fine working for the Baron but is now having second thoughts due to the Baron’s level of brutality and willingness to harm and enslave the Polish people.

Kapitan Witold Pikecki

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