Tragedy at Gliwice

A leader lost

On a crisp fall day the crew worked hard to repair some tracks at a railyard North-West of Gliwice. A few flatbed rail cars were abandoned on a siding and were in good repair. Captain Martens and Jan had secured enough lubricants to get them in working condition again. It wouldn’t be perfect, but it would do.

Teams had fanned out to search the building in the surrounding area, to protect from any ambush. But nothing could protect against treachery from within. Major Wolf approached Skeet where he sat up top of his Bradley. Wolf leaned over and said a quiet word to him. Skeet immediately drew his pistol and shot Wolf who tumbled form the Bradley unconscious. Skeet then picked up a grenade that Wolf had dropped in his lap and tossed it overboard as well. Then two of Wolf’s men who had been hanging back opened fire on the partially exposed back of Lieutenant Skeet. Their stances were crip, their aim precise. Bullets slammed into the back of the Lieutenant. Blood sprayed out over the front of the Bradley. Skeet’s still body slumped forward facedown hiding his terrible exit wound but there was no hiding the chunks of brain and bone in front of him.

A savage firefight broke out. Despite their skill the traitors were heavily outgunned. Hans fired up the Bradley and ran over the body of Major Wolf. Jeb used his SVD sniper rifle to pick off any traitor who showed his face. Soon they were completely routed.

Questioning the lone survivor revealed the truth. They were a Spetsnaz unit trained in disguise and infiltration. They were here seeking the Reset papers. They had killed many dozens in their months long pursuit of the papers. Finally they had met their match, but not before doing terrible damage.


Anatexis Anatexis

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