The Tide Turns

"The guns, they've stopped!"

No one is sure who first noticed it but it simply became apparent that the howitzer rounds and the massive 120mm mortar rounds stopped falling on the Sielce defenders. Now it was just the constant chatter of small arms fire that echoed over the battlefield. The advance of the Baron’s troops stalled. There was clearly hesitation. Then the entire army began to withdraw. The first to turn around were the Black Guard – a T-80, 2 BMP-B’s and a M113 with accompanying grenadiers turned around and surged back to the Palac Kultury. The Ukrainians withdrew with their T-72 and two BTR-70’s.

From far to the north and down the Nowotkl Avenue that led to the Old City and the dug in defenders there 50 Polish Cavalry surged forth. They clattered down the rubble strewn streets right towards the Palac Kultury.

From the West the Soviet 10 Tank Guards Division attacked. Of course, they had no tanks or any armoured vehicles to speak of. But there were a trained and disciplined fighting force that knew how to advance in good order and quickly brushed aside the western defenses of the Baron’s army.

All these forces were converging on the Baron’s fortress at the Palac. Inside the Baron’s compound a scene of chaos was visible. His howitzer and both mortars had been blown up. The courtyard in front of the Palac was covered in smoke and bodies were strewn everywhere. Small arms fire rang out from inside the lower floors of the Palac itself. There was a gaping hole in the front of the Palac where a rogue BMP-2 had smashed its way in.


That’s a lot of armor coming our way. Hope we have a lot of cavalry! Hans, I think we should consider finding a better position than sitting in a room at the end of a hall with no way out.

The Tide Turns
Anatexis Anatexis

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