The Skirmish Force Moves Out

Sally forth!

It was something to behold. With a roar the diesel engines of the T-72 and two BTR-70 came to life. Black smoke belched from their exhaust pipes. The 70 Ukrainians of the 2nd Free Company mounted up and marched alongside the armoured vehicles. Then, like thunder, the Poles of the 4th Free Company rode past and scattered in squads throughout the countryside ranging far ahead and behind the strike force. Next were the 17 survivors of the 3rd Free Company. Bringing up the rear and presumably keeping an eye on all these independent units were the 90 men of the 3rd Warsaw Company. They didn’t look very experienced but their gear was good. Mostly AK-74’s. Some only had rifles and pistols though. The Soviet 10th wouldn’t have a chance. The Poles would ride out and find them and pin them in place. Then the Ukrainians would bring the T-72 to bear and smash them. It would all be over in a couple of days. They just needed to find the 10th…


Anatexis Anatexis

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