Last Train to Clarksville

Victory through Firepower

“I knew that bastard Wolf was a Russkie!” exclaimed DelRoy. “What with all his ‘NYeah, I Amerkin, nyes’ and all his ‘I love koka kola wery much. I live in Big Texas long time’ That Bastard.” DelRoy spit off the train.

Giuseppe nodded. “I would have loved to shove a grenade down his throat.”

The two of them were bundled against the cold night breeze. They stood leaning against the ad hoc timber wall that had built on both sides of the flatbed railcar. Behind them was the Bradley, a cold steel presence. It was pitch black and there was nothing to see. Clouds obscured the stars. The only light was the sparks coming out of the smokestack of the train but even these were lost quickly.

“This train ain’t bad. Sure beats driving. We should be in Bremerhaven in a few days.” Said Delroy.

“I just hope the REMF’s don’t take our stuff.” replied Giuseppe. “I have a feeling we’re gonna need it.” he paused. “I wonder what they’re gonna do with us back home? I don’t know if I wanna re-up. But what else is there?”

“She-it, Joe. You’re a born fighter. What, you gonna settle down on some farm? Get some wimmin pregnant? I don’t think so. Now me on the other hand, I gotta plan. Gonna live large back in the world. Gonna make my own world. Maybe I even let you live with me, you ask nicely.” DelRoy grinned but big Joe couldn’t see it in the dark.

“Whatchu think of the new Captain?” asked DelRoy.

“Warren. She seems good. Better than a lot. But I guess she would have to be to survive this long. And the fact that Bravo Troop is still together as a coherent unit, well, that’s an accomplishment. I wonder how she got that scar though. Doesn’t look like Shrapnel.” said Giuseppe.

They were quiet. The train steamed on through the night. Ninety men and women and twenty armoured fighting vehicles. A formidable force. But they felt very vulnerable moving along slowly on this ribbon of steel. West, always west.


Anatexis Anatexis

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