A chance to regroup?

“We can go West.” Said Captain Martens.

“Ja” Said Jan.

“Or we can go North for a bit. To Dobrodzien.” Continued Captain Martens. “Wolf may have been a liar, but I’m sure that checking in on the Americans in Dobrodzien is a good idea. They may have personel or equipment that could aid us.”

He consulted his map.

“The rail line does not go through Dobrodzien, rather here, a few clicks West in Myslina. We could stop there and send a team to negotiate with Capt Warren in Dobrodzien… if she is still there with Bravo troop. If that part of what Wolf said is true.”

He turned to Hans and Jeb. Dobrodzien region


Anatexis Anatexis

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